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Individual Needs Analysis

A wise person once said, “you have to look at the past to see the future”.  That’s why our initial intake with new clients includes an individual analysis  to collect personal details to direct our planning recommendations.

It’s like the information the doctor collects at your initial visit.  We need to know enough about you to see if we can help you and in what ways.

Insurance products for various life stages

With almost three decades in the business, our seasoned expertise allows us to review existing products people may have, as well as offer product solutions they may need.  See the Products section for specific types of products we handle.

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Introduction to Medicare eligibility and enrollment

When it comes to Medicare, what you don’t know or think you know can cost you. For instance, if you enroll too soon or too late you could pay more or incur a penalty. You might be surprised to learn that not everyone needs to enroll at 65!  

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Medicare and Social Security Transition Consulting

Every scenario is different.  Your decisions about Social Security and Medicare have an impact on your other financial decisions and planning.  

Healthcare is one of our biggest concerns as we age.  Our Medicare transition appointment sets you on the right path to the best coverage for your lifestyle and budget.

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Retirement Planning including end of life

It is our experience that most people plan their retirement based on being financially comfortable and secure while they are alive; often overlooking how their plans will impact their loved ones at the end of their life.Our retirement planning also includes a discussion about final expenses. . . Beyond the funeral. . . and how to prepare.

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 In an age of “by guess and by God” service on every level, it is a gift to deal with a group of dedicated, reliable, skilled professionals who cover every base and then go back  to double check.  They have the talent of research and communication skills that allow me to sleep well, being certain that my affairs are in the best of hands.
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