Introduction to Medicare eligibility and enrollment

If you are already taking Social Security you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare.  However, in some cases you may want to decline Part B coverage at that time, and sign up later during a special enrollment period. Otherwise, when to enroll in Medicare depends on whether or not you are still working and have group coverage, or have group coverage through a spouse that is currently working.

There are specific rules you must follow, and you need to make sure what they are for your scenario. Medicare Part A (Hospital) is premium free for most people who have worked and paid Medicare taxes.  Most people pay a standard premium for Part B (Medical) coverage. However, if your income was above a certain amount two years prior to enrolling in Part B, you will pay the standard premium and an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA).

When and how to enroll in Medicare can be confusing.  What your friend or neighbor tells you about their enrollment experience may not fit your scenario.  That’s why you need a knowledgeable guide to make sure you are making the right enrollment decision.

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Just a quick note about Lynn & Harry Shank; I had many concerns about my enrollment with Medicare and my supplement insurance plan options.  They answered all my questions and provided rates and plan options in detail that I could understand.  I am very grateful for their help in this somewhat confusing process.
Debbie B., Round Rock, TX
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