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Just like the Sentinel Guard above, Texas Assurance Care (TAC) has guarded our client's present and future lifestyles with caring service that we believe is quite rare today. 

Please play the video to the will see a few of the hundreds of our valued clients telling you their thoughts about how we keep them safe.  Every one of them trusts us to make sure their future is going to be a wonderful journey.  That trust is our bond to each and every one of the people we serve.  We are folks just like you with one important difference:  We have dedicated our lives to acquiring the experience and knowledge needed to protect you in today's challenging world.  Your future security is not a game you can afford to lose - we know how to make you a winner.

We are the experts and have been down these roads many times. Our many resources are at your disposal and we are happy to be your guide and your guard. The next step is simple...just click on the QUICK START tab at the top and select the level of help you need.  Under that tab, you will find...

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After all, we are the folks all the others seek out when they need to learn about the topics you see above.  Makes sense for you also to come to the people who really know what is going on.

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These videos contain actual client/professionals who were not compensated directly or indirectly for their participation


For almost two decades TAC has been setting the standard for exceptional client service.  Just play the video and see.