Annuities - Income and Accumulation

In a recent AARP Article Suze Orman said, “ Your Social Security benefit is guaranteed income. So is a pension , if you have one.  If those guaranteed sources don’t cover all of your living expenses, I think it can make great sense to use some of your retirement savings to purchase an income annuity.” Whether you are looking for alternatives to protect and accumulate retirement savings, or products to create guaranteed income, our job is to provide options  to help you choose the right solutions to meet your financial goals.For more information call or email us.

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A friend recommended Texas Assurance Care to me.  They took the time to call back-they didn’t push, and they explained things very carefully.  Now, I not only have my long term care insurance taken care of but because of the financial products they helped me with – when the stock market falls- I am not losing money!  I would recommend Texas Assurance Care; they have been very helpful
Helen B, Austin, TX
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